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August 29, 2008


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I wonder if it's important to draw a distinction between 'extensions' and 'applications'? Extensions imply a superset of the core technology (as you point out); whereas I think of an application as a different program running on or with the open source software. What I'm getting at is, is there a category for this - namely, 1) a GPL code base; 2) a commercial version with identical bits, and 3) closed source applications that can be run with either license?

Andrew Lampitt

I am not sure I follow you, Curt, but some comments:
1) distinction between 'extensions' and 'applications.' Well I think the distinction concept is dependent upon the context of the type of software we are talking about and the context in which it is used. Let's take a BI tool for example. BI can be a component inside another application, but it can also be a standalone BI application itself.

2) yes, agreed that it makes sense to have commercial versions that are without (ie, same as GPL bits) and with premium extensions. Typically any company that does OCL will let you license the GPL bits with a commercial license.

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